core services

Business Consulting

Development of Economic and Other Studies

Business Evaluation and Reorganization Studies

Business and Development Planning

Green Entrepreneurship

Certification and Standards

Implementation of standards and regulations

Environmental Monitoring according to ISO 14001 and / or EMAS

Energy and Environmental Certifications

Project management

Project Management

European Programs

Management (Planning and Administration) of Private Investments

Export Marketing

Export Incubator

Organizing Exporting Projects

Studies in entering New Foreign Markets

Monitoring and Updating of Claims and Offers

Organization and Management of Social Media Networks

Communication Assessment

Development of Communication Strategies

Crisis and Reputation Management

Energy & Green Infrastructure

Environmental Impact Assessment

Summarized Energy Review

Analytical Energy and Environmental Business Assessment

Environmental Monitoring according to ISO 14001 and / or EMAS

Education & Conferences

In-house Seminars

Open Seminars

Conferences for Sustainable and Sustainable Development

E-Academy Candidate Entrepreneurs

Corporate social responsibility

Collection of Data

Participation and Evaluation Process

Data Evaluation and Analysis

Dissemination of Results

Legal Consulting

Corporate Legal Support

Legal Representation